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Static Website

A static website is a site with no database and user interaction attached to it. In simple terms, you can display your company information, products and services and can have a contact form for users to send you a mail through your website.

No. Flash slider in home page or all pages are part of static website only.

It varies from package to package. We complete static site projects from 4 working days to 10 working days with a range of packages ranging from 6 pages to 30 pages.

If your page requirements are less than 30 pages then the solution is to move to higher package. If you need more than 30 pages, it will cost Rs.200 per extra page.

All your subscriptions are per annum based. You will have to pay the renewal fee in order to maintain your website from second year onwards.

All your subscriptions are per annum based. You will have to pay the renewal fee in order to maintain your website from second year onwards.

The fee for brand removal is a flat Rs.1000 for all packages, which will also roll into your renewal. For example if you are opting for a basic static website package which is Rs.2000 then you will be paying Rs.3000 to get your website done without DOMAZON link in footer. The same amount continues for renewal also from second year. This policy is applicable for all our static websites only.

Simply update to a higher package if your update requirement is a maximum of 4 per month, if you need more than 4 updates per month, then each extra update will cost you Rs.300

Usually it's between 8 to 24 working hours (1 to 3 working days)

At present we are not offering any reseller program.

NO. There will be no change in our listed pricing even if you have registered domain name from others. If you opt to move your domain name from other registrar to us, then we give you one more additional year for your domain name as part of your entitlement in our package.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is a website that engages users with various user engagement tools and all activities of the website are updated dynamically based on user inputs, and all the information are stored in backend database.

The pricing of dynamic websites differ from project to project, as requirements differ from client to client.

Dynamic websites are not limited by pages but by space. The space allocations will be based on the quote given to you.

The timeline of your dynamic website depends on your specifications.

It's up to you, you can even update every hour. There is no limitation on number of updates for dynamic websites.

NGO Websites

If your organization is not Rotary or JCI, then all the other nonprofit organizations come under the category NGO.

No. If you want to do so, you will have to opt for Dynamic website development. What we have listed under NGO category is Static and Semi-Static content development, and are updated by our professional programmers only.

YES. You can upload forms in Word, Excel or PDF formats which will enable your users to download from your club/organization's website.

In order to display video in your website, you first need to get a Youtube account and upload all the videos there and send us the links. We will embed it into your website for your visitors view.


Logo/Brouchure Design

We do agree, but you will agree with our pricing once you have seen our quality. We BET.

It all depends on what package you are choosing and how long you take to approve designs.

Please send us your requirements to, we can have a look at it and get back to you with quote.

All selection and approval process are done through email only.

YES. You will get all the source files of your logo, upon completion of your work.

SMS Services

YES, you can definitely send more than 1 lakh SMS through our promotional route in a day.

You will not get Sender ID, and you can only send SMS between 9 AM to 9PM to Non DND registered numbers only.

YES. You will receive your own control panel with username and password to manage your sms credits.

Simply send us a mail with all your required information to, we will get back to you with the quote.

Transaction SMS are delivered with Sender IDs and are delivered 24X7 to all numbers, except you cannot send promotional messages. The massages are template based and you will need to get the templates approved before you send messages using our network.

All your subscriptions are per annum based. You will have to pay the renewal fee in order to maintain your website from second year onwards.

Customized Solutions

It depends on the terms and conditions we agree while executing your contract. Generally we do not see any problem in sharing a copy of your source code with you, unless it is explicitly spelled out on not sharing.

YES. Contact us with your specifications, we will get it done.

Definitely YES. Get in touch with your specific needs, we will guide you accordingly.


It's our policy for all the listed items with prices.

Your order will not even be taken if your payment is not processed.

Usually all the payments are manually verified by our accounts department and then approved, hence the delay. It's normal, so nothing to worry about it.

Its very simple, Just go to our How to Pay Menu and choose Our Bank Info. You will see our bank account information, you need to deposit cash in to that account at your nearest HDFC branch.

YES. You can mail us a Cheque to our company's address.